Claire Macdonald (Munro)
Journalist and Newsreader - 1989 - 1995. Moved to Darwin in March '95 - was associate producer/ weekend news presenter Australia Television International and subsequently presented the 7pm Territory news. Ministerial media advisor in the leadup to the 1998 Qld election, before the homeless animals led me to the RSPCA.  I spent almost 10 fulfilling years as media manager - initially with RSPCA QLD then RSPCA NSW.  Alas I had trouble identifying certain animal species. One day I risked life, limb and pantyhose to rescue what looked like a possum from a busy Sydney road, eventually coaxing the terrified creature into a shopping bag.  I rushed the possum to the shelter where vets identified it as a large rat and promptly euthanased it. 
Decided it was safer to work with (for?) children instead of animals and moved to Brisbane in 2007 - current position is Manager Public Affairs Dept Education, Training and Employment. 
I have very fond memories of my years at Mt Lofty. eg: hanging on for grim death as Peter Collins raced to a crime scene   - often arriving before the police/firies and in some cases before the crime had actually happened. Craig Burgess regurlarly sent me out on colour stories, usually involving interviewing elderly gentlemen in their dressing gowns.  In one case the elderly gent was sitting on his top step after a fire, dressing gown and pyjamas askew, saying  "I've lost everything in this fire love."  Unfortunately from where I was standing - on the bottom step beside the camera - I could see that was definately not the case.
Michael Fleming deserved a long service medal after a particularly challenging interview with a local doctor about organ week. The doctor collapsed with laughter every time he got to the 'O' word, setting me off  - and vice versa. It was late in the day and somehow we managed to struggle through, urged on by a patient but very frustrated Michael.  Apparently one of the universities used the footage as a teaching tool - ie 'how NOT to conduct an interview. 
I feel blessed to have worked with these people and others like 'Scoop' Copeland, Jim Sweeney, Neil Batterham and all who made working at DDQ so rewarding. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the rich and colourful tapestry of DDQ over many wonderful years.