John Briffa
Tape Op, News Cameraman and Documentary Maker. Worked at DDQ from 82-88. Moved to QTQ 9 and worked as a senior news VT editor,90-92 based in London working for SKY News and NBC America, 93-96 back in Brisbane freelance for shows like Totally Wild (10) and Wildlife (9), 96-2000 ABC 2 News and Current Affairs VT editor. 2001 became a Mr Mom bought a hobby farm near Clifton/Allora and raised my 2 kids and a small vineyard and relied on my good wife to pay the bills. Now share my vineyard duties between paddock and being a school chaplain. Loved DDQ for the camaraderie and the fun we had. They seemed to be the last of the 'good times' in television. Or maybe we all just grew up and became parents.   
Way back  in 1987-88 I worked at 10/4/5a as  court reporter. I'm noticing that you have really changed tack - well, these days life is all about secretive quangos - because I moved to UK and live in London! Worked as a freelance newspaper and magazine journo in the 90's -didn't work except a few freelance articles and research during last years. My son Ralph has moved to Brisbane and I wondered whether you could please help me to get him some possibility of work as a trainee techo / editor in Brisbane? Maybe even suggest a way he can improve his skills? He says he's too old at 38 - I say Not At All!!! Cheers and best wished to you and family at Allora! Liz Koegel
Liz Koegel - 16/03/2013 Add a comment