Ian Leslie OAM
Ian Leslie OAM. Commenced duty 18th June 1962 as Trainee Cinematographer and Cadet Journalist. As DDQ's first news reporter helped built the station's news team under News Editor, Graham Young. Filmed, reported news, current affairs, sport and general events for 10 years. In subsequent years became principal News anchor. In 1964 appointed co-News Editor with Bob Hargreaves. 1968 assistant Program Manager and two years later Program Manager responsible for all general programming and News. 
Leslie left the station October 1972 to join The Ten Network Sydney newsroom where he quickly stamped his reputation as a fearless,un-relenting investigative reporter. 1977 joined TCN 9, A Current Affair. 1978 invited to join the original reporting team, of 60 Minutes under legendary Executive Producer, Gerald Stone. Ian Leslie, Ray Martin and George Negus quickly became National household names in the ground breaking Public Affairs Program, entering the homes of Australians, every Sunday Night, 7.30. This was ground breaking television, says Leslie, destroying the myth that Sunday nights were reserved for light entertainment only. And also that News reporting was only believeable, if delivered in a conservative, serious and most times boring fashion. Stone and his boys proved that News could be informative and entertaining. They are credited with ushering Australian Commercial Network reporting onto the International stage, a field dominated by the ABC. For the first time Australian commercial audiences were seeing Australian reporters bringing International events onto their screens. It is acknowledged that Leslie/Martin and Negus were role models for hundreds of aspiring reporters to follow. Ian Leslie is the recipient of every major respected news award for his reporting both National and International. Thorn Award for News Reporting, three time Logie winner for Best News Report and Reporter of The Year and Journalism's most coveted Award, The Walkley. In 2009 Ian Leslie was recognized for his services to Journalism with an OAM. Today he runs a media company in Sydney with his wife of 46 years, Jan. Proud parents of Jayne and Peter Leslie and very proud Grandparents of Zavia,Tahlia and Sienna.Leslie says his  early days at DDQ Channel Ten are amongst the most exciting days of his journalistic career. "These were pioneering times I cherish. I will never forget reporting for duty that first day in June. The very first person I met happened to be Jan Penhaligon. Sitting at reception, looking groomed and glamorous, she politely asked this nervous cadet reporter, who I wished to see. I said the News Editor. Little did I know that this confident girl was just as nervous as I was. She also had started her first day at Ten....just 15 minutes before me. Four years later we were married. How DDQ Ten survived the challenges of a brutal, competitive commercial environment, while other stations have disappeared and is still in business 50 years later, amazes me. Much of that I believe is due to the work and dedication of that original team all those years ago. We worked twelve fifteen hours a day, sometimes seven days a week for very low wages. We loved it and that is why we did it. My enduring disappointment, that Parramatta hasn't won an NRL Premiership for 26 years. 
Remembered as once showing a technical type the pilot for the original "Young Talent Time" - asked Tec "what do you think of that?". Tec answered "Crap".
IL said "It's great". Bought the show.....The rest is history!