Bob Hargreaves ACS
I was there from 1964 to 1968.  As it was in those days, a person was a bit of this and that.   Announcer/newsreader,  news cameraman/film processor at times, and publicity writer for the TV mags of the day and The Chronicle.
Actually, I'm glad I was there then, because the station was a fully functioning station in its own right and not simply a relay station as most regionals are now.
Following DDQ I went to CTC 7 Canberra as Publicity Manager and later back into news.   After four years at CTC I joined the Australian Government's Australian Overseas and Information Service where we made news-nagazine films for world television.   It was at the AIS that I was again working with Bob Pounds.   All our out-put was for overseas television and the films were screened in 70 countries. 1985 saw us switch to tape for shooting, editing and release.
Outside of my film work was radio and during my AIS years I read ABC Canberra weekend news,  A fill-in sting with 2CA (Canberra) and recorded stories for Radio Australia.   I am still involved in radio.