Mary-Ellen Ryan
Journalist - started at DDQ in 1985 when the half hour Here Tonight service was launched. It was a great experience, we had a lot of fun and we may even have kept a few folk informed. You never know. I have fond memories of Scoop soldiering on valialantly through the noise and chaos of the approaching deadlines as Bill Walker, Naomi Beazley and I elbowed each other out of the way to record voice tracks so our cameramen could get on and start editing stories. We tried the patience of Craig Burgess, Jack Hardy, Mick Erbacher and John Briffa I know, but things mostly got done on time and roughly in the right order. I salute their patience and professionalism. Thanks for the great pictures also to Peter Collins, Olley (there's only one Olley), Bruce McGuigan, Gary Thompson and Finchy. Jim Sweeney would go out on the road with Bruce and Gary for days and come back with a swag of charming yarns that gave authentic voice to people from small communities who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to be heard. I loved those stories Sween. Thank you too to Billy Walker for teaching Beaze and I how to pack down as a proper rugby union front row. Right on deadline. In the newsroom. A legion of Darling Downs physios and chiropracters would probably also like to express their appreciation to Naomi Bruisely for the work she put their way. Was there anyone in the building she did not bear hug at least two feet off the ground? Thanks to all at 10.4.5a in those years for the great memories. Jim Bob