Jenny Woodward (Mackie)
Started at DDQ as a presenter. Did weather and community notices and eventually read news with Arthur Copeland and Chris Rolfe. Produced the children's content at the station for a couple of years with Jill Ray as the hostess. We also made a number of variety programs with singing, dancing and other variety entertainment. There was a cooking show too and  the usual assortment of coverage of the Carnival of Flowers parades, Stanthorpe Apple and Grape and the Warwick Rose and Rodeo Festival. Do they still exist?? Loved working at DDQ it was an exciting time to be in television.  Moved to Brisbane when I married and worked on Wombat for a couple of years, then joined the ABC as Weather presenter where I have been ever since. Lots of other opportunities with the ABC, stories for current affairs, concerts and parades.  Currently putting together a regular show - The Weather Quarter for NEWS24 as well as continuing with the weather - all from our brand new studio at Southbank.
Hope you all have a great time at the reunion..I loved working at DDQ and remember it very fondly.  Really sorry I can't make it. Looking forward to seeing the pics on the web!