Shawn Cosgrove

Presenter, Voice Artist, Race Caller. Started as Despatch Boy.

I started straight outa school in 1973, despatch and all that went with it. So grateful to get all the experience there, cameras, coordinating, directing, voice overs, race calling, hosting Make The Grade, Captain Friendlyway of the TAA Junior Flyers Club. (Now there's a title that would get you up on charges these days!)

Thanks to people like Paul Erbacher, Jack Hardy, Arthur Copeland and Mick Teys. All absolute gentlemen who gave me time, years of experience and friendship. But most of all...they gave me a go. (Apologies to so many others I have missed and who helped.)

I spent 2 1/2 years there before going to 4GR, 4BC and then to Melbourne to 3UZ, 3DB, 3KZ, GOLD fm, 3MP, The Nine Network and finally Sky Sports Radio. (There are a few return visits to some of those as well!) I was lucky enough to be the VO guy on The Price Is Right for 12 1/2 years on the Nine Network and did voice overs for Nine for many years too. I also did the warm up for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire for 3 - 4 years, including the nights when we had the $1 million winners.

These days I do Mon to Fri on Sky Sports Radio into Sydney and NSW (from Melbourne...naughty), Saturdays on RSN in Melbourne and voice overs for SEN and MYMP. I have my own studio at home...I'm a vo hooker! I also have a funeral business where we produce tribute DVDs for funerals and print Mass Booklets, Orders of Service etc and also video funerals for interstate/overseas families who can't be there. Everyone's a customer! Compering balls at the Toowoomba Indoor Bowls hall has turned out to be great experience for corporate and compering work in Melbourne.

I often look back and realise the experience I gained at DDQ has helped so much down the track. Adapting to on the spot situations when recording shows etc. I think it's so sad that today there are not the same opportunities for the new crews.

Sadly I can't be there, it's Grand Final day in Melbourne, one of the busiest days of the year for me. I hope someone videos some proceedings. I really would love to see you all again.