Stuart Cornford
Chief Engineer 

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Late one Sunday afternoon in October 1980, I called in on Paul Ament, who was the Chief Engineer of the station.
I was there to scrounge a treasured piece of electronics that could be adapted to my 2” video tape recorder to make it reproduce colour.
I had just spent the last 4 years working at the Qld Education Dept’s Film Centre in the videotape section there. 
Prior to that, I had spent 3 years at BTQ channel 7, in that glorious period when the conversion to colour took place. I had been right in the thick of it and was obsessed with 2” quad tape recorders and colour cameras. I had carried off 2 old RCA quad tape recorders and had them all set up under my house in Ipswich.
This was the reason I was after the electronics from Paul.
At the very instant I was about to drive off, Paul (who had sensed this obsession) very casually asked if I would be interested in a job. He went on to say that the job on offer was “Assistant Engineer”. So I drove off thinking about what it would take to move to Toowoomba. I had grown up in the area so I was quite familiar with the city.

So it was that I started at DDQ on the 1st of December 1980.

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In January of 1982, just over 12 months after I had started at the station Paul Ament called David Pennycuick and myself into his office and said “at the end of the month I will be leaving for Townsville”. Not cottoning onto the full meaning of what he was saying and thinking he had a meeting there, I said “and when will you be back” to which he said “I won’t - I have resigned”
Somewhat stunned and a little concerned about who might be my next boss after all the effort of moving cities, I ventured my next stupid question “and who is going to be the new Chief Engineer” and he replied “You are”
I have to say that rather blew me away.

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My time at the station came to an end after 6 years and I went on to do other things.

It had been a great place to work with never-ending interesting things to do.

I will remember it as the period of my working life where I had the greatest time of my life.

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