Ross Jamieson

Started as a News Cameraman in 1974 (Thanks Paul Erbacher for the start and Rhys Morris for understanding and guidance). These were great days and ones I cherish still. That said I still shake in my boots when I think of rising rods in the darkroom.... panic stations..... RHYS!!!!!! I moved from News to Production with the likes of Jack Hardy, Shawn Cosgrove and Gavin Ashton... again great times before moving to Presentation until just after the introduction of colour in 75. As most 20 years olds do, travel beckoned and I resigned to take on the world, only to make it as far as Coffs Harbour where after some great times and plenty of surf I managed to run out of money. This is when I did the road trip with Gavin Ashton to Darwin for a stint putting the place back on-air after Tracy had knocked it down. From there to Channel 7 as a studio cameraman before once again setting my sights on travel. Success this time as I ventured to London, Europe and eventually overland back to Australia via India..... aaaarrrrhhh, the hippy trail. I met my future wife in London, and guess what, she was from Coffs Harbour. After a time in Brisbane we married and moved to Coffs where I worked as a Landscape Gardener before rejoining the television industry with Northern Rivers Television (NRN11) in 1980. Three beautiful daughters followed and it was then about family and putting down roots (Coffs, not a bad spot to put down roots I must say). However,  after a fantastic 26 years the dreaded 'R' word was uttered. Not quite ready to look at any other avenue of income we (3 of us) formed a company, Independent Productions, and to this day, due to an agreement with Southern Cross Broadcasters (ex employers), I am still working out of the same office and using the same facilities.... just minus all the nice holiday pay, super, sick pay etc.. etc.. Free to make my own decisions.... hang on, I still do work for Television clients and striving to make air time schedules for Sales people.... I'm dreamin! I firmly believe I was a part of the industry during the very good days... It's still a great industry but very different. What was serious but fun filled, creative but friendly and community minded has been replaced by a very serious financially motivated machine....  (I'm stepping off my soap box now). All in all I wouldn't swap it for anything. Here's to all the Good times and the Great people I've been fortunate enough to have had and met along the way!!!