Stephanie Cook
Copywriter, Presenter
I enjoyed the pre-aggregation days at DDQ working in the sales house. One of my favourite memories involves buttering up the Channel 10 Brisbane helicopter pilot for weeks and finally getting a spin around Tmba with Sharon, the Sales Secretary of the time. Interestingly that same helicopter crashed a couple of weeks later off Brisbane with the newsreader on board - all survived!
After pumping out dozens of high quality local ads each week, I moved to Townsville QTV in Nov 89, first in production and later in Sales (which I loved!) and stayed until Jul 1996 when I moved to Melbourne and into a sales role with Austereo. Left media and spent 11 years as a BDM and Regional Manager with TNT International before finding my true calling in Human Resources. 
Stephanie Cook - 08/05/2019 Add a comment