Peter Finch
Production Cameraman 1983 - 86 and sometime voice over man, but always did the Warwick saleyard reports. Came to Toowoomba from Sunshine Television Maryborough/Sunny Coast. Had all the bad habits learned at Sunshine corrected by Anselmo Morisini, learnt more bad ones from Mick, managed to get rugby union stories into the news (in a league-mad station) by placing several pieces of the copy I'd written into Pat's scripts. Biggest triumph was paying back a particular middle-manager who installed a time clock. Super glue. He didn't realise we were at DDQ for love, not for the number of hours we worked. None of us did less than required and we were only too happy to do what was needed to get a job finished. Last heard of that manager was driving a cab. Great memories of Harry Bell, if only every station had a Harry the industry would be the only one to work in; Arthur "Scoop" Copleland the gentleman of the newswroom; Anselmo had the best staff/management skills of any manager I've worked with; Gemma Wilkie for having red hair; Laurie Burrows for making me the face of 10/4/5a as the singing sweeper for the Great Aussie Summer promos, (the raft races!), then followed program hostings, like every country show in the viewing area, compering the Miss Peanut Festival Quest in Kingaroy and being a judge at the Queen of the Tenterfield Autumn Festival (how come a publican's daughter won?);  Naomi Beasley for trying to drink as fast as the boys, and lots of other stuff.

Everyone who has written a testimonial here has expressed the same thoughts in their own way, proving that so many individuals can have identical sentiments for the best TV station to ever operate in regional Australia.