Graham Young

I started with DDQ in an office in Ruthven St quite some time before Don Nicholson and I ,as well as others, moved into the new station at Mt Lofty.I was the first member of the production staff and was responsible for implementing most of what appeared on opening night and long after.I was the original News editor and had the honor of producing  and switching   the station to air on the opening night.Sitting in the control room sweating in case anything went wrong while celebrations took place in the studie below.They were great days working with Neill Phillipson on many and varied news stories  as  well as producing the news each night.I gave Ian Leslie his first job in TV,little knowing what a great success he would make of it.Little did I know then that my very efficient news typist woulld evenyually marry my star recruit.We are still very close friends.I could write a book about those days - no one would believe it.

I went on to become a producer/director for Artransa film productions in Sydney working in their studios in Melbourne until Fairfax sold it off and closed the facility. 



I have many great stories from those days Working with Neill Phillipson,giving Ian Leslie his first job in television and lots more.
Graham Young - 03/09/2012 Add a comment