Stephen Edwards
Sales Rep.   Started working with a Vision which after serious aggreg-vation became Star Televison - (a name that we used for about 2 months I think ) and left on a WINner.   Best memories are working with Rayner, Roz, Doug and prod team, Harry and the truly formidable Rose - the traffic manager.  Magic moments, Roz tesing some new pyrotechnic device in my rubbish bin, Graham hollering into the phone ''what do you mean you are in Melbourne, your supposed to be here for the sales meeting" and to meet Rusho and Wotto - oops. And last of all Wotto telling me that he was going to turn the town (Toowoomba) on its ear - lmfao.  To all the great people I worked with at 10/4/5a, thanks for everything and I hope life is smiling on you.