22 memorable years!
Some fond memories:Inebriated Chief Engineer getting out of the OB Van on the road south of Kingaroy very late one night to relieve himself and promptly falling five metres into a deep gully. Took two of us 30 minutes to rescue a rather confused (but unhurt) Chief Engineer.
Part of a studio background set falling on the then Mayor of Toowoomba,Nellie Robinson,during a live interview.She was not amused.
A bored Vision Switcher doing a streak through the building late one night.
Whilst working in Presentation one night there was a power failure,and the diesel generator did not automatically start.Myself and the Master Control technician had to grope our way in pitch darkness (emergency torch batteries were flat!) to the generator room to start the diesel.Needless to say,there was a considerable break in transmission.

Re. the Kingaroy story. It was pitch black that night, no moon and not a farm light in sight. He climbed out of the van and silently disappeared. I think we had 1 very weak flashlight in the van (might not have had any) but it was useless. We could not believe that we couldn’t find him….how could he simply disappear? Then we found the embankment … oh dear! Figured he’d be on the bottom wherever that was but the silence didn’t bode well for a good outcome. I look forward to reliving this with the other Survivor in Sept. NB The Reunion should not be held in close proximity to any railway embankment.
Tom Mayze - 20/07/2012 Add a comment