Shoot The Babies
The newsroom in the second half of the 60’s consisted of two reporter/cameramen and a lovely typist we called Dixie.  Then we grew in number by one when a fresh faced Toowoomba born young man by the name of Bob Pounds joined us.   Bob was fresh from school and a very welcome addition to the team.

Actually, it was Bob who reminded me of the following story.

We had a news `stringer’ out in the small south western town of Texas.  (Today’s population: 693.) One day the stringer (Bob Penfold) sent us a telegram saying that twins had given birth to twins and did we want some footage of them?

Sure, that would be good.  A telegram was to best way to contact Bob Penfold, so our telegram read `Shoot babies - 50 feet.’

The next thing we know the Texas police are on the phone wanting to know what all this `shooting babies’ was all about.   It turned out that the police had been alerted by one of the local Texas telephone exchange ladies who read the ‘gram, became very upset and phoned the police. 

It was a very relieved policeman who put the phone receiver down when he heard our simple explanation.

(Bob Hargreaves )