When I drew the weekend sports filming straw it usually entailed the local horse races.   These were usually shot from an empty steward's box at the finish line.

As the assignment was a one-man-band job, it meant several climbs up the ladder...5 in fact.

The camera was first, associated sound gear second, tripod third, portable battery radio fourth and, heaven only knows how I managed the fifth piece of gear, but,it was a wooden camera box.

That box was my commentary studio.   When the race was about to start the radio was switched on and placed in the box, followed by a microphone on a length of cable.   The lid was closed and I was ready to record the race with commentary.

After the race it was another five clinbs of the ladder.    AHHH! if only I'd had Mick Teys....I could have thrown the things down to him.


(Bob Hargreaves)