Worms, wheelchairs and aerobatics
One of the first stories I was asked to cover for the news was the Combantrim Cup. I was thrilled to bits until I found out it was the annual worm races. I remember doing a report on wheelchair access in Toowoomba with former Mayor Clive Berghofer. Cameraman Peter Collins suggested a POV dolly shot. "Great, I said, what's that?" After 30 minutes of pushing him around, I got the picture and a good workout. The story I remember most was having the chance to fly with the Roulettes in a Macchi Jet. I was one of the few journalists allowed to do some aerobatics with the team. The flight was going great, with some barrel rolls and dives, until I asked the pilot to do a fast low pass over the local gliders airfield to wake them up. Not surprisingly, the shouting in our headsets was quite colourful and we were called back to base immediately. (Raine Grady)