Bicentennial Black-mail
In 1988 we were flown to Darwin and then drove south to Daly Waters. During the 5 days there we went for a swim at Mataranka Springs. There was no one around so I changed into my speedos at the rear of the landcruiser. Paul Whitney snapped a photo. The framing and exposure was perfect. He thought it was halarious. He black-mailed me and is still black mailing me today.... please help....
Hmmmm. OK, I was there and I know it wasn't me.  If Paul took the photo, and sadly we have lost our dear Harry, that just leaves.....Chris, Neil, or Col.  Now of those three, the question is who the bloody hell would be seen dead in speedos.  Col????????????????  Neil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or Chris :).  Come on, reveal yourself, and Paul, post the picture!
David King - 09/09/2012 Add a comment
Not me mate didnt have anything worth putting in speedos
Chris Wren - 26/09/2012 Add a comment