The poor weather girls
How cruel we could be in pres. In the mid 70's The Weather Report was placed at the end of the National Nine News before A Current Affair. From the telex supplied by QTQ we'd calculate how much time the weather could run for. There was the historic, which I would hope is still being used, cue signal box, with 'fill in', 'wind up', etc... on it. The trick was  whilst the weather girl was reading her notes on air,  tech and pres would take program out of the floor monitor and patch in the weather girl's camera. The usual wind up would happen and we switch to ACA but then quickly press the 'fill in' cue button. Seeing this and herself still on the monitor, the weather girl would then start reading program notes to pad out the time. Often quite a duration would pass before the real situation was revealed. Indeed not at all a nice trick, but we were kids, hope that's some sort of excuse. Very sorry to those girls.